Issues with local vet – what to do

Sep 11, 2012

A SALI volunteer got a call last week from one of our past clients who needed emergency vet care for her cat. We don’t normally help with vet visits because we don’t have the funds, but we couldn’t ignore this call for help — the cat was howling in pain in the background. Our client took her cat to the vet and we said we would cover any costs up to $500. The day after surgery, we went to check up on the cat and asked to speak to the vet about some issues we had with his office. The issue was that we told the vet staff that SALI would need to be notified of what medical intervention the cat needed and how much it would cost. Surgery was performed on the cat’s front elbow without notifying us and we received a bill for $2,000. To top it all off the vet office is now giving out the SALI volunteer’s cell number and home number to their clients who can’t pay their vet bills! I have been giving this a lot of thought about what to do. Shall I make public the vet name? Instead, I will go up to the vet office one more time to work on getting our issues resolved. Instead, how about if all the local animal rescues send out major kudos to all the vets that are going the extra mile to work with us. Here are SALI’s top 3: High Point Vet Hospital South Surrey Vet Hospital Langley Animal Clinic Any other rescue want to add to the list?