Taking Dogs out of “Property” Status

Apr 22, 2012

A landmark court ruling is giving dogs increased legal status. And this is happening in Texas. Home to cowboys and guns. I see this ruling working its way to California, but it will not be coming to Canada any time soon. Canada is still working on updating our animal cruelty law from the 1800’s! www.dogster.com/the-scoop This is good news for dogs, but apparently not such good news for vets. American Veterinary Medical Assoc1ation No one should be in shock over the AVMA’s views on this. The AVMA is not the leader on animal welfare and advocacy. The AVMA looks out for the best interest of their members. Which is what a business association does. The animal welfare and advocacy professions will be in full favour of this court ruling because it benefits animals – period – end of story.