It’s a small world after all – it’s a small, small world

Mar 27, 2012

I am so lucky that I am able to travel to some amazing places. Two weeks ago I was in Costa Rica. One of my adventures took me to Bahia Drake Bay. While @ the Bay I met two lovely black dogs. The smaller of the two had a bad limp and one very compromised eye and was in considerable pain. I was so disheartened to leave this dog in this very bad condition knowing that the people living here did not have the money or means to get the dog to a vet. I had to be pulled away to get back to the dock for the tender to take us back to our boat. This is when I saw a poster for a spay & neuter clinic at Drake Bay for March 31st. This lifted my spirits and I decided this would be a way to help this dog.

I sent an email to Fundacion McKee asking if this dog could be found and looked at by the vet on March 31st and that I would help pay the cost. I received an email back from Carla Ferraro, Directora de Programas and an email from volunteer Gabriela Atencio who lives in Drake Bay. Today, Gabriela Atencio confirmed that she knows of the dogs and is working on holding the injured dog for the March 31st vet visit.

It is wonderful to know that people the world over care about animals and with the internet we can easily connect to each help in our own way. It is also wonderful that my first language can be used around the world to communicate with most people. But, I really do need to work on my Spanish.