It’s not about tax receipts, it’s about hope.

Dec 31, 2013

As I visit the posts on Facebook and see all the year end messages, I have been struggling with my own. And then today it hit me. My message is one of hope. So many non-profits are reminding everyone that the last hours are upon us to donate to receive a 2013 tax receipt. This may be true, but it doesn’t say what needs to be said. SALI receives support and donations because people believe in what we do, not because they want a tax receipt.

We have accomplished all we said we would in 2013 and received all the support we needed to get it done. If we fell short in one area, there always seemed to be a solution and an opportunity that presented itself. That is my feeling of hope.

Yes, there is a lot more that needs to be done, but just like every non-profit out there, SALI can’t do it all. What we can do is lead our community in working hard and working smart. We identified areas where we could make a difference and you helped make it happen. You decided that you liked our ideas, and you liked it enough to volunteer, support and donate.

Even today we are receiving donations and we know it’s not to receive a tax receipt. It’s because you believe in the work we do and you believe in the cause.

Today I am celebrating with those families who were able to keep their beloved pets because people in our community care. You care about Walter’s little dog, you care about animal welfare on the Semiahmoo Reserve, you care about a little rescue dog at the SOS Children’s Village, and the pets of women and children that had to flee violence.

But today I am also grieving for the family who lost their mother because of violence in our community of Newton. I am sick that we have people in our community who are capable of this violence. I am sick that there may be children and animals living in the home of this violent perpetrator. But this adds another piece to my feeling of hope. I am determined that we can help prevent this type of violence with our kindness program at SALI’s Farm. For any that think this is naive, you have not been witness to the amazing transformations that take place at the farm. Today I am appealing to Mayor Watts and the City of Surrey to help us reach those at-risk children who will perpetrate this same kind of violence unless they receive intervention.

You are the hope that is alive and well in our community and you can pat yourselves on the back and say “job well done.”