It’s raining boys!

Jul 15, 2013

Our first two groups of children this year at SALI’s Farm were all boys. One group from a Surrey school Social Development class, and one group from a Surrey transition house. This was very unusual as the groups in our first two years have been mostly girls. Now our third group this year again is all boys. This really brought home information I read in one of my school textbooks, Gail Melson’s Why the Wild Things are: Animals in the lives of children.

Melson says, “Nurturing animals is especially important for boys. Caring for pets is the only outlet for nurturing others that is ubiquitously available for most boys in their homes and does not reflect a suspected diminution of masculine behavior. This makes pet care a potential training ground for learning how to nurture another being who has needs different from one’s own.”

I’m excited that SALI’s Farm can offer boys an experience to nurture farm animals, wildlife, and plants and they feel success because they are kind and gentle. That doesn’t happen very often in the “real world.” One big surprise is that after a couple of visits to the farm, they are kind to each other!