Its when times are tough that we need our pets the most

Aug 9, 2011

We usually have one truck load of pet food to make our deliveries once a month to the homeless in Whalley. In July we had two truck loads – thanks to a very generous donation from Portobello Farms. Karl & Inga collect pet food from various distributors and they called us to see if we wanted some. We took it all!

Photo credit: SALI

SALI Truck loaded up

Photo Credit: SALI

Jane’s truck loaded up

We delivered pet food to Brownsville and Whalley in July. The people in Brownsville have had a tough year and they are so appreciative of any help they can get for their beloved pets. Getting pet food from the food banks is very frustrating for them as the food banks often don’t have pet supplies and when they do they give out very small quantities to each person. We always give a big helping hand to Jill who looks after the feral cats in Brownsville. When the cats are familiar enough with her she traps them and gets them spayed or neutered. She then finds homes for them. Nice work Jill.

Photo Credit: SALI


Photo Credit: SALI

Night Shift Street Ministries

Photo Credit: SALI

Surrey Urban Mission