People trust SALI to care for their pets and keep them safe

Aug 25, 2011

I first met Walter and Pepe in October, 2010 at our free dog wash and free vet clinic for the pets of the homeless. I knew immediately that these two had a very special bond. Pepe was washed, given a clean bill of health, given up-to-date vaccinations and had his nails clipped.

In early June I learned that Pepe has developed a tumor on his jaw line. Walter was thinking the worst about Pepe’s condition and he was becoming more and more anxious as the tumor kept growing. Walter is on a fixed income and lives in subsidized housing – he cannot afford any vet care for Pepe. Walter lost his wife a few years ago and Pepe is now his constant companion and protects Walter from loneliness and despair. Another stressor for at-risk people with pets is that there is no access to public transportation because pets are not allowed. They have no way of getting their pets to the vet.

I picked up Walter and Pepe on July 25th and drove them to the South Surrey Vet Hospital. Dr. Kortschak gave Pepe a thorough exam, Capstar for his fleas and determined that the growth is an abscess and drained it. Dr. K. gave Walter a 6-month supply of Capstar. Walter has lived for months thinking the worst, and was very emotional and thankful to hear that Pepe’s condition is treatable. Thank you Dr. K. for giving SALI this vet visit and flea treatment for free.

On August 3rd I picked up Pepe and brought him to the hospital for his day surgery. I am honored that SALI has gained the trust of Walter and many other at-risk people and they know that SALI will give their pets the best care and will keep them safe. Pepe’s surgery cost $738.46 and was paid for by SALI. Through generous donations we raised $300 specially to help Pepe. We hope that Walter and Pepe have many more years together!