Jul 18, 2017

How can such a small being make such a huge impact in so many lives? Our beautiful Jamaica died last week. I found her dead inside her outdoor rabbitat on Wednesday on her side fully stretched out. I’ve talked to a few rabbit rescue people and they think it looks like she had a heart attack.

I know why our paths crossed when we rescued her, but It’s a struggle to make any sense out of why she only had two years at SALI’s Farm. She deserved so much better than the crap she were handed at her birth in a meat farm.
Jamaica was purposefully breed to be larger than was healthy. She came to us with 7 other bunnies and was the 2nd largest – after Starbucks. This put a lot of stress on her tiny organs that were over taxed to support her weight. But the dear little one, let the past go, enjoyed the present and lived each moment. She had the cutest round face with ears often flopping back, so she looked like a fluffy round ball. And she sure enjoyed these last few weeks outside in the children’s garden. We’re going to do something special out in the garden for her.
Thank you Jamaica for inviting us into your bunny world. Thank you for being your floppy bouncy self and making kids laugh and smile. And for being your please don’t move too quick, don’t be too loud and be gentle with me self with the kids. You and the rest of your bunny team are responsible for a lot of mended kids hearts.
It sure hurts, sucks, and feels like crap. But life is full of it. There is no pity at SALI’s Farm, only empathy. Empathy is a verb which means you keep on feeling, but you find kind people and animals along the way that help you mend and you keep on moving forward.
Thank you to everyone who rescued her from the meat farm, who cared for her at SALI’s Farm, who partnered with her in the Children’s Program and to the kids who spent time with her eye to eye – nose to nose – heart to heart.


Enjoy this Celebration Video of Jamaica


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