Back to the Future

Jun 18, 2017


In 2009, I travelled to Forget Me Not Farm, California with my sister Colleen to meet with the founder, Carol Rathmann and observe the children’s program.


Just two weeks ago, I travelled back there. This time with Chris Mayworm, my Children’s Program Director.

Can you imagine being so inspired by something, that you started the same program where you live? You visit them before you get started and then again 8 years later after running your program for 6 years? Well, over these years, Forget Me Not Farm has not been far from my thoughts. Always wondering if there is something more that I could learn from them (they’ve been running since 1992).

When I first visited them in 2009, I smile because I spent my whole time observing and interacting with the animals! I was so in love with meeting the therapy farm animals. My sister spent more time observing the children, and I had to ask her to share with me how that looked.

I promised myself that this time, I would spend all my time with the children’s groups and that’s what Chris and I did. We were welcomed into the groups led by Program Coordinator Teresa Stockton. And they do run their groups a lot differently than we do. Carol, and her son Nate (Director of Operations) spent a lot of time with us answering our many questions. Carol is one of the pioneers in the Animal Intervention field and is colleagues with many experts who I have only had the pleasure of reading their books and research papers. Although my claim to fame, is that I had Randall Lockwood as my professor for First Strike, and this university course was his first and only.

Chris and I have a lot of take-aways from my visit to consider in our program.


Will a Llama be in my future?

Keryn Denroche, Founder/Director