Apr 23, 2017

I love books. I’ve probably spent enough on books to buy a new car. I am a better person because of books. My life is richer because of books. My eyes have been opened many times because of books.

One of my earliest memories involves a book.

I have vivid memories of anxiously waiting once a month for the day when the mobile library would be coming to my school, Norgate Elementary. And then, when that day came, it seemed like forever before my class was called to take our turn to go inside and find a book to borrow. This was where I discovered the Doctor Doolittle books. I could only take out one book at a time, and had to wait a whole month before I could get the next Doctor Doolittle book. I remember not being able to put the books down once I started. I remember reading it while eating dinner and while walking outside. What I don’t remember is ever talking about how happy this book made me feel with my parents. I don’t remember talking about the book with my teachers. I don’t remember anyone taking much interest in a little girl who had finally found someone who loved animals as much as I did. Someone who helped animals and included them in all of his adventures. As a little girl, it didn’t matter that this was a book of fiction because, it made me feel much much less alone. My early friends were nature and animals and now Doctor Doolittle.

Then, in 1965 our National Geographic arrived in the mail with Jane Goodall on the cover. Well, I now had another person I admired (this time someone real) and I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I made a promise to my animal friends, that somehow one day I would help them just like Jane Goodall did.

Fast forward to today, and I still have piles of books always on the go. Here’s what’s on my bedside table today


Here’s what I’ve read this month


And for the first time, I’m actually considering writing a book, “The Little Girl Who Kept Her Promise to the Animals.”


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