Mocha was as sweet as the drink she’s named after

Jan 31, 2021

Love is a risk.
Always ending and beginning again.  
You have to keep doing it.
And it’s worth every single tear.
Jann Arden

One of our very first rescues to arrive at Kindred Farm was a fuffle of bunnies.  8 rabbits came to live at our farm as part of a Rabbitat colony.  We were so new in the world of animal rescue and farm sanctuary work. I have loved creating a Rabbitat at Kindred Farm. It is ever evolving and a glorious place to call home if you were a bunny. Kindred is committed to always having a Rabbitat colony and I encourage every farm sanctuary to have one.

This is our welcome video when they first arrived
Roo was renamed Mocha
Red brought out Mocha’s beautiful merle coat

After we lost Starbucks in October, we booked our bunnies in for an annual vet check.  Misto and Mocha went first on November 8. Misto had a slight cough and sneezing. She was prescribed an antibiotic to treat a slight respiratory infection.  Mocha was the smallest rabbit of them all and we thought needed to be looked over just to make sure she was ok.  Mocha was given a clean bill of health.  We breathed a sigh of relief that all would be well with these two.

Kindred Volunteer Marilyn Kardash caring for Mocha
Mocha grooming Java

Mocha has consistently been the one who is a good friend to every one of the rabbits.  So easy going and was the most social of the lot.  Mocha was often the first to greet the children and volunteers in the Rabbitat.

It was utter shock on December 15 when our Rise & Shine volunteer opened up the Rabbit shelter and found Mocha deceased.  She was eating, drinking right up to the end.  We were cuddling with her the last night not realizing she was ready to cross over. 

Basking in the sun
Mocha looking up with her gorgeous white trimmed ears

Without a definitive diagnosis for her death, she may have died from grief or from old age. She was very bonded to Starbucks who died on October 20 with Mocha following 4 weeks later. In fact, when we did a roll call of the bunnies, we always identified her as Starbucks twin, but just smaller.  Mocha was 7 when she died, but she had almost 6 wonderful years at Kindred.

We miss you dear Mocha! See you on the other side.