Ray Charles Health Care: Part 2

Dec 22, 2019

Dr. Louise examined Ray Charles on December 5th and agreed to do the surgery but she was not optimistic about the outcome. She was worried about the amount of infection and there was a good possibility it had spread into his bones. I asked her to take x-rays while he was under.

There was extensive tissue damage and Dr Louise used plastic tubing to ensure that the stitches wouldn’t pull out. His left foot is the worse with deep running tracks of infection.

Right Foot: Before and after surgery

Good News: Dr. Louise was surprised with the x-ray results that the infection hasn’t compromised his bones
Bad News: The x-rays showed deep tracks in his left foot that the infection caused. And Ray has gained 10 lbs since July. He now weighs 46 lbs.

Dr. Louise Allmark

Ray’s feet were bandaged up with doughnut shaped gauze to alleviate the pressure on the pads of his feet and the stitches. Then clean dog boots and back to the farm and tucked into his house with Lady Antebellum.
Two week post surgery check up on December 18th and it does look like he will need further surgery on his left food in the new year.
We’re not giving up and will continue to do all we can to give Ray Charles a good quality of life for as long as possible. He’s coming up to his one year birthday in January – way longer than many of his less fortunate peeps.
Dr. Louise went above and beyond to help our Ray and we are so thankful for her care of our beloved turkey.