Sad News: Lucky

Jan 14, 2020

On Saturday, December 14th I got very disturbing news.  A coyote came right into our Children’s Garden and grabbed Lucky!  Before we knew it, Lucky was gone without a trace.  

We work so hard at protecting our dear ones from predators.  Every morning we let the birds out to free range while we do our morning chores.  Then when all our chores are done we gather all the birds up and herd them back into the aviary to keep them safe until the evening shift when this is repeated. 

But this coyote was so determined they came right into the garden while our morning volunteers were here.  In the weeks since, the coyote has returned numerous times and even jumped into our centre yard with a baby coyote in tow. 

This is no time to give up and we’re going to work hard now at making the garden area coyote proof.  This is why I added coyote-proof fence panels to our Christmas wish list.    We got a delivery of 20 and have made half of our Children’s Garden area secure.      

 I am so happy Matthew rescued Lucky from the factory farm where he wouldn’t have survived the night.
I am so happy Sophia fostered Lucky and he got a special spot by the fireplace to keep warm and snug.

Then when we knew Lucky needed a farm environment and bird friends, we took him in.

Dear sweet Lucky Michael Snow was my beacon at the farm.  I knew all was as it should be when I heard his beautiful little chatter.  He was a firecracker who adored the second chances he’d been given.  He’d been saved three times (first from a factory farm and then twice from euthanasia). 

I’m so sorry Lucky we couldn’t give you a fourth chance.  All of us fought so hard for you and I am sick to my stomach your life ended this way.

Lucky we love you, miss you and you will always be a part of our farm.

Going out for a stroll with Matthew

Keryn Denroche, Founder/Director