Sonoma, California

Oct 16, 2009

Two board members travelled to Sonoma, California this past weekend to tour the Forget Me Not Farm. We met with the director, Carol Rathmann and got to see the farm in action. All travel expenses were paid personally by each board member.

It is a wonderful place of discovery, kindness, and connection to nature. Children aged 3 – 13 come to the farm in groups of 7. The pre-schoolers fed the animals hay and the tweens let the animals out of their stalls into the padocks. The older kids battoned down the hatches as a storm was headed towards southern California while we were there. Each child left feeling successful in the tasks that they preformed at the farm.

The animals have all been rescued and have found a wonderful place to call home.
The children did not have any tasks in the garden because of the “cold” weather but there were lots of beautiful flowers and vegetables ready for picking.
We can’t wait to get our hands dirty on SALI’s farm!