Why is it people vs animals?

Mar 3, 2022

I get asked, “how can you help animals when there is a war in Ukraine?”

Why do so many people look at the world as people vs animals. Why can’t you help both? I look at the world as people and animals connected, forever intertwined and interdependent on each other.

1. Animals make the world a better place for people. What a horrible world it would be without them.

2. Animals do not have a voice. They are among the most vulnerable beings on this planet.

3. Animals are sentient beings and deserve to be loved, cared for, treated with kindness and respect.

4. Humans can learn from animal wisdom.


Barney & Clyde

Is there a need for me to justify helping one of the most vulnerable beings on the planet – farmed animals? Do I have to justify that our rescue animals actually help people of all ages heal from trauma.

One group of Syrian children came to our farm from an agency that helps refugees. I will never forget one boy’s laughter when he was feeding Barney and Clyde. His laughter went on for minutes on end. We were told this was the very first time anyone had seen him smile let alone laugh. Thank you Barney and Clyde for helping one child forget about his troubles and just be a child again.

Will Kindred be asked to help Ukraine children fleeing to Canada? If we are, our animals will be ready to give unconditional love. They will bring smiles and laughter to this world that needs more love and kindness to animals and people, not less.