You’ve Got Mail

Jun 13, 2016

The ongoing struggle to get rid of leftover garbage and junk from the previous tenants on our property is never ending. But every so often we find buried treasure. A classic metal mailbox was unearthed in our back field and we thought wouldn’t it be fun to have a mailbox for Badger’s fan mail. It was polished up and mounted by the horse shelter.


Well, now it’s evolved into a mailbox for the children that come to SALI’s Farm. In the fall we received cards from Luigi the Lovebird for each of the children in our Children’s Program. In an age when children don’t get mail anymore, they were delighted to get their very own card. And were amazed at Luigi’s story of being on the Dragon’s Den. You can read about Luigi here.


In the fall we received a donation of TELUS critters from TELUS.


What do you do with 2 boxes full of fluffy bunnies? You stuff them in the mailbox for the kids of course!

Our fond memories of childhood are sometimes brought back to us with a smell, a soft touch, a song, or kind words. My hope is that the joy of finding a cute fluffy bunny in a mailbox and it’s soft touch will be a beautiful memory for the children at the farm. I love that SALI’s Farm is a safe haven for at-risk children, a magical place of wonder and delight, and a place where the children can gather some memories that will last a lifetime.