In all of Us Command

Jul 1, 2016

What does Canada Day mean to the West Coast, the East Coast, the North Coast, the Prairies, and the Territories?

Three important winds of change are blowing through the great halls of Parliament but are all of us included?

(1) Because it’s 2015
During his swearing in ceremony in Ottawa, Justin Trudeau was asked by a reporter, “one of the priorities for you was to have a cabinet that was gender balanced, why was that so important to you?” His now infamous response was, “because it’s 2015.”


(2) In all of us command
Member of Parliament, Mauril Belanger tabled a bill to include women in our national anthem and it has passed second reading in the House of Commons. Whether you agree with the change or reminisce fondly about the “good old days” and feel it’s iconic and therefore untouchable, the Canadian anthem has actually been reworded several times, with “all our sons command” added during the First World War. The reasoning behind the current change challenges us to create a safe, kind, inclusive environment for all Canadians. In hindsight, this Bill couldn’t have been timed better in light of the recent killings in Orlando.


(3) Because it’s 2016
Now when we think of a safe, kind and inclusive Canada, let’s not forget the millions of animals that need a voice in Ottawa. Member of Parliament, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith has tabled Bill C-246 to modernize the Animal Protections Act, a bill to bring our laws into the 21st century. MP Erskine-Smith introduced the bill in February, “our government ran on a platform of fairness Mr. Speaker and this bill directly addresses the fair treatment of animals in our society.” This Act has not been changed since 1892. In the climate of including more women in cabinet and passing the new wording to our anthem, this bill is meeting extreme resistance including a personal recommendation by PM Trudeau to vote against this bill.


In spite, of our country trailing behind most other countries in the world in animal welfare standards, I am proud to sing “in all of us” because my national anthem now includes all my 2-legged, 4-legged, feathered and finned family and friends.

Happy Canada Day