Jul 30, 2016

Many of us have lots of experience with pets. We know they love their people, and the one thing that makes them the most happy is to just be with you – curled up by the fire, on the couch watching TV with you, or in the middle of the kitchen floor while you cook.


What many of us don’t have, is that same experience with farm animals. As I’ve spent time with our animals at SALI’s Farm, the one thing that’s surprised me the most is that they love their people too and are very social. Of course, the main reason for this is that they are treated with absolute kindness at the farm and each of their unique personalities is celebrated. We work very hard at finding out what makes them happy.


Badger the horse was the first to visit us the winter we first moved here when he and Chase had access to the front and back yards. They both were always longing to join us whenever they saw us through the windows. We heard a kerfuffle at the front door one night and opened the door to find Badger knocking at the door with his hoof. He managed to squeeze his head and shoulders through the door longing to join the party around the fire.


Badger showed us that he loves his people and really wants to be with us. How cool is that!