Every picture tells a story

Aug 30, 2016

Our beloved rescue horse Chase has come so far since we first got him in 2014. When he first arrived at SALI’s Farm, all we saw were his bones outlining his deplorable condition. First thing was to introduce him to Badger so that Chase could be welcomed by a horse friend. Badger accepted him immediately, and all of us rallied to figure out the best course of treatment to bring Chase back to health and happiness.

We dealt immediately with his health issues, had him vet checked, hooves trimmed, a high calorie/nutrient supplement and lots of loving kindness. In one month he gained 100 lbs which could literally be seen as it built up a layer on his bones and softened his boney physique.

What was much slower was his emotional well being after his years of abuse and neglect. We were determined to help him become the horse he needed and wanted to be. This transformation has happened in increments over these past two years and we are so thankful when we witness it.


Wednesday was such a day when Kyle Struthers came to volunteer at the farm with her grandma and she visited with Chase. I took photos during the visit, and the photo above is what I captured. Chase is actually beaming. If you haven’t met Chase, you might not see his joy in this photo, but it’s revealed in his soft eyes, and his body and head posture. And what makes this absolutely exceptional is there were no treats involved, he was just so happy to share a moment with Kyle. For the first time I see that he is now ready to emotionally connect with his 2-legged peeps.

Chase, your story is one of taking all the time you needed to learn to trust on your terms and in your own time. This is such a wonderful story to share with at-risk children who are struggling with their own stories of trauma and hurt. SALI’s Farm can help them learn to trust, to love again, but their healing will happen on their time, not ours.